Dream Team Pick of the Week: Personal Development Coach Brian Tracy

When it comes to getting people to see the importance of optimism, personal development coach Brian Tracy is spot on. If you have never experienced his work before then you are in for a treat. Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker and author that I have learned from over the years. His insights earns him a seat on my “Dream Advisory Board” because they produce positive change and lasting results. You can check out the video by clicking on the image and read key takeaways for being optimistic below.  

Seven ways to develop optimism:

  1. Maintain good mental fitness by being confident about yourself and life in the future
  2. Feel terrific about yourself most of the time.
  3. See setbacks as temporary. View them as limited in time and having no real impact on the future.
  4. See difficulties as pervasive. When things go wrong, instead of adopting a “What’s the use?” attitude, see it as an unfortunate event that is not controlling your destiny.
  5. See external events for what they are. Some things are out of your control so learn not to take those things personally.
  6. Be objective. When you are caught up in life’s inevitable storms keep a calm spirit, clear mind, and control over your environment.
  7. Look for the good and learn from the lessons that come from setbacks.

Being optimistic is necessary for every area of life. This week review the tips above and consider where you are on the optimism scale when it comes to your business. In what ways can you develop a mental attitude that expects and moves you toward the best?