Entrepreneurship – What’s Up Ahead

womantrendingIt’s always nice to scan the environment and see what is trending in entrepreneurship. When it comes to helping start-ups you can say that I am addicted to business. I simply gravate to success stories, financial tips, and gadgets that help entrepreneurs save effort, be more productive and move sales to the bottom line. One of the ways that I keep my finger on the pulse of my industry is reading the latest news. So here are a few of the articles that I have read this week and that I think you will find valuable, too!

  1.  Intuit Updates QuickBooks Online Accounting Tool With Customizable Features Aimed at Small Businesses
  2. How Small Business Owners Are Wrecking Their Own Chances of Success
  3. Top 10 Reasons for Making the Switch To Cloud Accounting
  4. 3 Alternatives to Alternative Lending
  5. Small Business Owners: 4 Tools to Organize Finances
  6. 5 ways cloud accounting increases financial efficiency and accuracy for the enterprise
  7. Tips on Talking to and Tapping Potential Investors
  8. Square Makes Money Transfers as Easy as Sending an Email
  9. The Next Big Thing? These Are 5 Technologies My Clients Are Begging For
  10. How to Increase Revenue, Stability in a Practice

Read any good articles lately? I am interested to know what you have found out about your industry lately. What trends did you see that could position you for new opportunities to serve your audience?


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship – What’s Up Ahead

  1. Thanks for the article round up! I’m heading over to read #2!

    Peggy (from UBC)

  2. As a Virtual Assistant working specifically with speakers and authors I find it necessary to be in the know about social media, among other things. I read an interesting article this week about Pinterest (http://mashable.com/2013/10/15/pinterest-referral-traffic/). As my industry works more and more with Pinterest, I think it’s time to take the plunge – especially as in the last 2 weeks a couple of clients have asked me to handle their Pinterest account for promoting their books.

    Thank you, Benita, for the awesome list of articles you’ve read this week. I especially relate to needing to become more familiar with the numbers of my business. How can one know how far they’ve gone unless they know where they are at in relation to where they started?

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