Dream Team Pick of the Week: “Mommy Millionaire” Kim Lavine

Here is Kim Lavine on the Today Show

Kim is an author, mentor, mother, and industrious woman who has gained recognition in the business world as a thought leader on international business. Talking about big thinking, then you would do well to follow the path that Kim is laying. She is blazing the trail for women all around the globe to succeed as business owners.

In this interview Kim shares valuable advice for female entrepreneurs who want to turn their big idea into the next big thing. In my weekly Follow-Up Friday posts, I discuss ways to create a thriving business. I recommend building a team of business advisers even if it means following the wisdom of the major players who advise through blog posts and videos online. Kim’s practical, no-nonsense business savvy places her at the top of my list of credible business models. Also being a Michigander myself places her on the radar as an entrepreneur that I would like to meet.



5 thoughts on “Dream Team Pick of the Week: “Mommy Millionaire” Kim Lavine

  1. How wonderful for a mom to be able to become a millionare based on a fun idea she had. But for every success story, there are hundreds of failures. I think if you follow where God wants you to go, within your giftings and talents, you are more likely to be successful.

    • Very true, Susan. The awesome part of growing a business is you get to cheat failure. When you surround yourself with the wise counsel of people who’ve been where you want to go, you get to learn from their mistakes.

  2. I think it is great to realize that you ARE worth more than in a J.O.B. It’s good to keep focused and realize your dreams.

  3. wow thank you for this post. I loved watching the video clips. She has some great advice and tips for all people that own their own business or want to own their own business.

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