Use Follow-Up Friday for Business Development and Key Insights

followupWhat a wonderful time I have had this week developing my business!

I am in the flow of wrapping up my book and an online program that launches next year. It feels amazing to bring a course that I teach live to women entrepreneurs online.

This week I was able to reach three major goals that will help me launch my finance course in January. Here are my key takeaways for creating curriculum, finding good resources, and managing time:

Insight # 1: Creating Curriculum

My first goal was to deliver a curriculum that creates enthusiasm for finance in the minds of first time female entrepreneurs. Even though I have delivered this course for many years it is constantly changing. It is important to customize solutions that the needs of the audience. So I am reminded to be prepared with examples that easy to understand and are relevant. That is why I keep a treasure trove of case studies for each course. There is nothing like watching the transformation in participants who start out the course with a dislike for working with numbers.

Insight #2: Adding Resources

Next on the list was to find 5 online finance and productivity tools to add to my library of resources. Building a sustainable business includes having the right mix of resources but how do you know which ones you need? A good place to start is with an assess of your company. For example, you might look for the bottlenecks your daily functions or unmet needs by your clients. This week I took both of these into consideration and found several good options to share with my tribe.

Insight #3: Making Time

The last goal is ever evolving for me. The more my business grows, the more important time management becomes. This week I dedicated an hour a day to develop my blog. One strategy that kept me on track was a timer. I enjoy the challenge of beating the clock so it was the perfect tool for me. Knowing that time is ticking really does something for the psyche because you literally realize that every second counts.

So there you have it! My week in review. Now, I would love to hear what you are most proud of this week.  Leave a comment below to share your weekly success and remember…

Smile at your future!


4 thoughts on “Use Follow-Up Friday for Business Development and Key Insights

  1. I often hear how online marketers keep track of their time with a timer. Lynn Terry does the same thing. I should try it. It sounds as if it works! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a successful and productive week! I am wrapping up a book and developing a program to go with it as well, so your tips were quite timely and helpful!

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