Have You Ever Began a Resolution Long After New Years Day?

winnersYou may have had your share of great starts and fizzled finishes as life got in the way but there is inspiration all around you. Whenever I fall short of a goal I remember that, “Winners never quit and quitters never win” because it puts situations into the right perspective. Here’s how it helps in managing your business.

Lazy hands bring poverty, but hard-working hands bring wealth.

Let’s say that you are behind in your bookkeeping and the year is almost over. Weekly calendar reminders and accounting updates flow through your Facebook stream but slothfulness holds you back. You are not alone. I polled a group of entrepreneurs who had reworked their schedules to include dedicated bookkeeping days. The results showed that even after eliminating the “I don’t have time for bookkeeping” factor, they still failed to get it done. Be sure to follow a routine so that you spot key insights and potential opportunities that only up-to-date accounting can brings.

Tide and time wait for no man.

When you do not control time it will control you. Each of us has different levels of discipline when managing business finance. Success starts by taking the first step. If you are resolving to getting the records in order, try this at your next bookkeeping session:

  • Remove distractions that compete for your attention.
  • Turn off social media, email, and take only emergency calls.
  • Come prepared with everything you need including client invoices, vendor bills, check registers, and bank statements. This will help you minimize workflow interruptions.
  • Finally, commit to a set time — maybe fifteen minutes or so and build up from there.

If you don’t get it all done in one sitting, no worries.  Just keep plugging away item by item and the next thing you know you will be all caught up. Remember, even as obstacles to staying on top of finances arise, there are far more reasons to keep trying than there are to throw in the towel.

Smile at your future!


4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Began a Resolution Long After New Years Day?

  1. You have some very good advice. I especially agree with your observation that “if you don’t control time it will control you.” Time management is so key, but it’s hard for some people because they either haven’t learned the skills or it’s hard for them to focus (ADHD) or whatever. But regardless of the reason for poor time management or getting distracted, a person can take small steps, just like you said; set goals, commit to a certain amount of time on a project, eliminate as many distractions as possible, etc. Thanks for your great post!

    • Very good point — developing focus skills improves concentration and follow-through. Something that works when this is a challenge is partnering up for accountability. In other words, set the goal and have someone that you can report out to. There’s something very empowering about having others to spur you on :^)

  2. Benita, great post. I do mine at least once a week (it really only takes an hour or so to get things in the right files, etc. I have other friends who are self employed and they dedicate one day a week to their paperwork. Personally, I like a little each day (if necessary). Thanks for the reminder to keep distractions off and out of the way.

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