Planning Tools and Time Saving Tips for a More Organized Workspace

officeorganizationHaving an organized office is essential for running a business in the most efficient way. Every aspect of your company should contribute to a healthy bottom line. As an entrepreneur, your time is money and how well you manage it determines your return.

Here is what I learned from watching organization pros on YouTube:

The first clip is an interview with professional organizer, Clara Kumar. She suggests the following resources for organizing your work-space:

  • Magnetic Erasable Wall calendar by Quartet – to keep track of events and manage your time

  • Swing arm monitor holder by Kinsington – to have a productive, injury free work-desk

  • Wireless mouse and key – to be clutter free and comfortable when computing

  • Recycled Binders by Wilson-Jones – to convenient time-saver

  • View tabs with template for labeling by Wilson-Jones – to label and quickly find things

  • Power hole-punch by Swingline – to make it quick and easy to use binders

Check out the under 5 minute tips at

Marcia Ramsland does a great job  of walking viewers through getting rid of paper piles. I love this one because it challenges you to work with a two-drawer file cabinet by scanning paperwork more often. The top tips in her video were:

  • Purge drawers that overflow

  • Go through the paper pile in one sitting

  • Recycle what you don’t need

  • Scan and copy paperwork – HP has a really nice scanner that allows you to save files  to a USB

  • File away what remains

Although Marcia does not identify a brand of choice, handy tools for this project are:

  • A label maker

  • Printer/Copier/Scanner

  • Paper shredder

  • Trash can

  • Recycle bin

You can get the full video at

As you become more organized, you free up your time to do what matters most — running a profitable business. This week look for the bottlenecks slowing you down in business. In what areas can office organization methods help your profits improve?



3 thoughts on “Planning Tools and Time Saving Tips for a More Organized Workspace

  1. Thank you for sharing some great practical info that everyone can benefit from, especially those in business.

  2. So true that being organized directly affects your bottom line. Thanks for sharing.

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