Get Better Results Using Repetitive Tasks

checklistPeople often say that variety is the spice of life but when it comes to making the most of your time, it is good to follow repetitive tasks.

Although regimens are a good way to standardize things they can be an unproductive use of your time. This happens when you are not following the steps in a process or putting steps in the wrong place.

People see routines become ineffective all the time. They need to figure out what steps are working and what they need to tweak. (Click here to tweet this).

Most of the successful entrepreneurs that I work with have a routine for getting things done. In fact most of them have a series of routines ranging from personal care to managing a household to family duties and their business. I am certain that if you take a close look at your day there will be at least one routine that you follow, too.

You can improve your life by gaining more control over how you spend your time. One of my favorite quotes by William Penn says, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”. It is the person who knows exactly what to do and does so in an orderly fashion that makes the most of what they have.

The most obvious reasons for being more methodical is to put your mind on autopilot and leverage your time. The more steps of a task that you can automate, the more time you have for other things. For instance, I have two assistants in my business who follow a routine that I developed when I was working alone. By having the steps in writing we have been able to successfully manage our work flow. Procedures also make training and delegating tasks go smoothly because teams perform better when everyone knows how best to get things done. 

To create a regimen for yourself or a team start by observing best practices for getting tasks done. Consider what you need to do from start to finish and how to do it as efficiently as possible. For example, you can prepare a written outline with a series of steps to follow. I like checklists because bullet points summarize steps and take you straight to the point. If you are a visual learner consider using illustrations as a guide.

The benefit of having regimens is to train yourself or your team how to do tasks in a specific way. Over time it becomes a habit. The goal is to develop steps that become second nature and lead to the best possible outcomes. Regimens work best when you create actions around your goals. 

So tell me, are there any tasks that you can standardize that will help streamline your day?


3 thoughts on “Get Better Results Using Repetitive Tasks

  1. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to do — set a daily routine so I can write 2 blog posts a day, practice my flute daily, do yoga, walk the dogs, and keep up with my MSW studies! The biggest drain on my time is writing the blog posts, because I tend to add extra details that are time consuming (eg, images, inspirational quotations, resources to help people get more information, etc).

    But I’m on the right track – thanks for your encouragement! 🙂

    Stay true to you,

    • Laurie, I faced a similar challenge with posting. I’ve learned the more often I write, the easier it gets to reach my daily quota. A tool that helps me to stay on track is an online timer. My favorite is

  2. I appreciate your great points here in your post. It is challenging, isn’t it.

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