Live Out Your Purpose by Defining Your Strengths

purposeMany entrepreneurs take jobs that there is no real desire for. Sometimes it is simply a way to make ends meet. Often it is because you still need to figure out where you fit in.

What would your life look like if:

  • You were doing the work that interests you the most?
  • Taking assignments that pull at your heartstrings? it is easy to spend endless hours with no complaints working on them.
  • Contributing your skills, talents and abilities in work that rewards you with meaning, excitement, and joy?

If you are not yet on this path, let me share that the picture looks a lot different when you do what you are wired for and excel at it. Why? You are pre-programmed towards certain likes and dislikes. Although you can doing many things, it’s good to pay attention to what you desire and want to do. This is what people refer to when they talk about purpose. It is liberating when you know what you are gifted to do. That is when you can clearly define your preferences and a plan for how to share your talent on purpose with the world.

For instance, I enjoy watching home improvement shows where women are in charge of the rehabbing. Although the process is exciting to watch I can honestly say it is not work that I would personally enjoy. However, if I were ever asked to be a part of a rehab team, I would offer my skills in administration. The reason is because this is where I excel.

How do you find your strengths and purpose? One day I had an idea to take out my resume and review my past work. I asked myself questions like, “What tasks do I feel most confident doing?”, “Where have I been acknowledged by others for doing a good job?”, “What assignments were the most (or least) interesting and why?”, “What projects do I look forward to today that put a sparkle in my eyes?” After jotting down my answers, I used the same questions to examine my roles as wife, mother, and minister. That is when my purpose became as clear as the bright morning sun.

Some insights that I gleaned from this exercise were:

  • I spend the majority of my time managing finances and administrative tasks for others.
  • The assignments that I enjoy most requires a computer
  • Using software and management tools to keep entrepreneurs on top of the financial side of business is extremely gratifying and meaningful to me.

I continue to use this process and each time that I do, I see my roles and purpose become more aligned.

Have you ever struggled with figuring out what you should be doing in life? What is one way that you have been successful in finding your purpose and staying on track?


3 thoughts on “Live Out Your Purpose by Defining Your Strengths

  1. Really nice tips. Living our purpose is what I strive to do. The one thing I always remember is that living your purpose doesn’t mean it will be easy but it will bring me joy

    • Linda, I agree. I have been guilty of looking at it only through rose colored glasses. Sometimes I forget that purpose is both short and long-term and there will be bumps in the road along the way. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Enjoyed your post. I talk with so many entrepreneurs who are out of alignment because the have not done the first thing–connect in with their uniqueness – their strengths – and the value in these strengths. When we connect in with what excites us, we connect in with what we are passionate about. That kicks into motivation, that kicks into action.

    Rachel recently posted What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Elephants

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