How to Get People Saying, “That Woman Means Business.”

A virtuous woman is hard to find.

As an adult I often hear the phrase, “A good woman is hard to find.” Sometimes it is said in a favorable light such as when we acknowledge a woman who excels in what she does. Other times it’s in response to seeing a woman who lacks motivation in life. I used to think lightly of this quote until recently when I experienced the loss of a matriarch in my family and did a little soul searching of my own.

Yes, it’s true. Females are born with the ability to grow through womanhood but not every woman will do so efficiently and that is what makes her rare.

For example, we see women who take life as it comes and hardly puts forth any effort to stand out from the crowd. She may be at different places in life, which I call her seasons. This may be as a wife, mom, or even in her career. She is going through the seasons but not actively taking ownership in what happens with her life.

Then there is the woman who dreams a lot. She talks a good game. Sets goals but never quite gets out of her comfort zone. She knows what it will take to make a mark but fails to put the marker in her hands. She is a dreamer and ignores the work needed to put faith in action.

Finally, we have the rare woman. She is one to take action and roll up her sleeves to complete whatever needs to be done. She doesn’t start projects without finishing them whether they are in the home, the community, church, or on her job. She has grace to finish the task and she uses it.

We all come with different personalities, talents, and experiences and  every woman is wired in her own unique way. Yet we are here connected to one another because we are built to give back. I attended a service celebrating the life of my great aunt. The speaker described her life this way:

“…[She was] a woman who gave selflessly of herself. She open her hands to the poor and the doors of her home to the homeless. She cooked many dinners and fed many pallets. When she spoke to you, you believed that you were the most important person in the room. You felt the love, genuine and true that exuded from her spirit.” ~ A Tribute to Gertrude Todd Clark

How many of us can honestly say that we live a life of service? Giving of ourselves, our time, and treasure unconditionally without expecting anything in return?

I am reminded, as well as inspired, by the quote, “Begin with the end in mind” by Steven Covey. I know that each step that I take leaves a footprint. Some will be big. Some will be small. Yet, each one of them is relevant nonetheless.

As you go forward today, consider what you want your legacy to be. Know that you are never too young or old to start that dream. What is your life saying about you? Do you want a story told or will it be a one liner?


3 thoughts on “How to Get People Saying, “That Woman Means Business.”

  1. Thank you so much for this, Benita! I try to think of what legacy I’m leaving – I’m a Christian – but I do often forget that my steps leave footprints. Often I think I don’t matter enough to leave a real or lasting mark on the world. Your post reminds me that I DO matter enough, and that God is using me to make a difference in people’s lives.

    Thank you.


  2. Even though I like to think that I live selflessly, the reality is I can always do more and taking some time out to reflect on this is very helpful. Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on all those small steps and the footsteps that we leave.

  3. Really enjoyed this post. Thank you.

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